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We believe women play a huge role in spreading the Good News of Jesus and have been working hard behind the scenes to create a space where women of all ages can come together to be seen, heard, welcomed, and empowered. Our goal is for women to leave each of our events feeling stronger, braver, and more equipped to fight for the Kingdom than when they walked in. Join us for our first ever Women of Valor Conference on April 27th!




Doors will open by 5:30pm. We will have a photo booth set up for everyone to take those fire selfies and group pics, and enjoy a free dinner at 6pm! We'll have a killer playlist going in the background while we enjoy the three C's- Christ, Community, and CARBS!



Service will begin at 6:30pm. We'll kick it off with a time of worship to set the tone of the evening and focus our attention on the One who goes before us and fights on our behalf. After worship, we will hear from 3 speakers (about 15-20 minutes each), and there will be a time of reflection between each. Prepare to definitely laugh, possibly cry, and most certainly prepare to pick up your sword!



Our goal and prayer for the end of the evening is this-

That you feel stronger, bolder, more empowered and more equipped than when you walked in, and most importantly- closer to Jesus.


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